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Who We Are

Vision & Values


"Contributing to improve the situation of the most vulnerable children and their families in the the poorest countries, and increase opportunities for protection, academic and social success for their benefit."

Our creed is that children are the future of this world, and in this sense, their well-being and success will contribute to communities welfare.


To achieve our goals, our actions are focused on the following values:

- Transparency and accountability: Commit to meet our obligations and responsibilities and communicate on our work transparently for the benefit of our beneficiaries, donors, partners and people.

- Equity & Gender: Promote a positive working climate in which everyone will feel recognized at his fair value, without any exclusion regarding his/her social status, religion, gender, race and physical condition.

- Quality & Performance: Target a sustainable impact and move towards a higher quality in the implementation of our interventions, while improving constantly our practices in order to address the challenges identified.

- Healthy Interaction: Create and maintain an opened, inclusive and respectful working environment for our colleagues, partners and beneficiaries.

- Teamwork: Commit to achieve the goals together, share our expertise, experience and achievements.