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What We Do

Strategies & Approaches

Project management:

Our strategy about project design and management aims to make sure to master the problems of the target area by conducing an integrated situation analysis including community participation.

All project planning processes implemented are focused on project cycle management methodology developed by The Project Management Institute (PMI), Results-Based Management and Human Rights-Based Approach.

These management practices are essential for us to achieve the goals with effectiveness and ensure to create positive sustainable changes for children and targeted communities.



Our vision of support to the education sector combines theoretical concepts and practical methods from research, the Canadian education system and international standards in education developed by international bodies in education sector.

Our educational project revolves around the development of an integrated portfolio of services for the benefit of three (3) categories of beneficiaries: early childhood (0-5 years), school-age children / adolescents enrolled at elementary and secondary level (6 years and more) and out-of-school children / adolescents. In that straight line, we work to provide opportunities to students to make the connection between the theoretical concepts studied in school and their daily lives, and to build their capacities in the using of New Technologies in Education.

We are also focused on improving out-of-school children / adolescents literacy in order to develop their personnality and leadership and increase their opportunities to access to a job for a successful integration in their communities.

Health, WASH and Protection

We focus our interventions on prevention and response - through the training and education of children and their families - and emergencies management. We strongly think that the involvement of communities in our projects remains essential to achieve the intended results and for the sustainability of our activities.

Promotion of Gender Equality

Our approach for the promotion of gender equality consists in including systematicly and transversaly in our interventions, components of promotion of discriminated people, in particular girls, women and all people claiming a right to the difference. It means for us to implement activities specifically aimed at strengthening the skills and the rights of these groups of people, to integrate gender aspects in the collection, analysis and dissemination of data of our projects and sensitize the population to the non-discrimination of these groups with regard to access to basic social services.