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Support to children schooling in Burundi - 2021-2022 AELVC Program


As part of the 2021-2022 AELVC program, the delivery of school kits to vulnerable children was held on Saturday, October 2, 2021 at the Gitaba primary school. The donation ceremony was attended by representatives of the local government, the director of the Gitaba elementary school where the ceremony was held and the families of the beneficiary children. The schooling assistance was offered to 25 vulnerable children, including 12 girls and 13 boys from the Gitaba area of Rutana commune.

The school kits distributed consisted of the following items for each child: 5 notebooks of 100 sheets (French, Mathematics, quiz, homework, notebook).

  • 1 pair of simple shoes
  • 1 school uniform
  • 1 box of Geometry
  • 4 pens (2 blue and 2 red)
  • 2 pencils

In their interventions, the legal representative of Engaged For Children Burundi (EFCB), and subsequently the representatives of the school and the local administration, reaffirmed that the AELVC program is welcome to contribute to the schooling of all children, especially the most vulnerable. The officials thanked EFCB for this extremely important donation for vulnerable children and encouraged parents to prioritize the education of their children. In the same way, the parents also thanked EFCB for having thought of supporting their children to go to school, given their difficult social situation.

After the handing over of the school kits, the beneficiary children also expressed their satisfaction with the help received and wished that this help could continue for their maintenance and success in school.

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