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Beneficiaries Targeting Survey for 2021-2022 AELVC Program in Burundi


As carried out every year, Engaged for Children conducted a field mission in Rutana province on September 3, 2021 to carry out a targeting survey of vulnerable children within the framework of the Support to Schooling and Leadership of Vulnerable Children Program (ASLEV 2021-2022).

The survey team of Engaged for Children in Burundi (EFCB), composed of the legal representative and two volunteers, went to the field to interview households to collect the necessary data to assess their vulnerable situation. These interviews focused on the situation of their children who were of school age but not in school, as well as their economic and social living conditions.

In total, approximately 100 families were visited in seven hills (Mataba, Mahama, Mihigo, Mivumu, Matutu, Muzibaziba and Nyahu) in the Gitaba zone of the Rutana commune. The processing and analysis of the data collected allowed the identification of 75 most vulnerable children/families among whom the priority beneficiaries of the program were targeted.

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