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Delivery of school kits to beneficiaries in Burundi


On Saturday, October 5th, 2019, the award ceremony for delivery of school kits to 21 vulnerable children (11 girls and 10 boys) selected as part of Engaged For Children’s Access to Education and Leadership of Vulnerable Children (AELVC) program, took place in Burundi.

Among these beneficiaries, were children from marginalized communities (albinos, twa) and a child with a physical disability. A total of 10 children who had not attended school in the previous school year were able to access school through the AELVC program.

This ceremony was organized by our partner the NGO "Ensemble Pour Promouvoir le Développement Socio-Economique Durable" (EPDSED) in the municipality of Musaga in Bujumbura. The beneficiaries came from vulnerable households in the neighborhoods of Butereré, Kanyosha, Mutakura, Musaga and Cibitoke.

The material provided consisted of schoolbags, notebooks, books, pens, pencils and a box of geometry. The students, accompanied by their parents, also received school uniforms and shoes.

The AELVC program will continue with the training of beneficiary vulnerable children and other students in target schools on cultural and social leadership, school-related support activities for these children in order to help them stay in school, as well as the launch of the artistic contest on the issue of vulnerable children access to education.

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